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As our society copes with a rapidly-aging population, it’s no surprise that health occupations such as Care-Aids, Nurses and Phlebotomists are currently in huge demand. As a useful tool, feel free to use a healthspan UK voucher for our U.K. visitors.

Not only that, but the according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care occupations take up most of the top spots in their list of occupations projected to grow the fastest over the next ten years.

1. Phlebotomy

When you say Phlebotomy out loud, most people think you’ve made up a word. But Phlebotomists are one of the most important jobs in the health-care industry. Phlebotomists perform venipunctures and in some cases arterial punctures. While Nurses will have Phlebotomy included in their education, most of the blood collection and administration in your average hospital is done by a Phlebotomist. For more information:

Phlebotomy Technician Training – everything you would need to know about becoming a Phlebotomist, school requirements, job postings, etc.

2. Care-Aid

Care-aids will assist the elderly and disabled in the basic self-maintenance tasks that these individuals can no longer do for themselves. As the population ages, you can imagine that the need for care-aids will go through the roof.

Read more information here:

Red Cross – The Red Cross has a great information resource for those aspiring to become a health-care aid.

3. Nursing

Nursing speaks for itself. Nurses have always been in huge demand and the demand will continue to rise over the next ten years. Nursing homes, hospitals, and laboratories all need qualified nurses and the aging population will spike that demand.
Interested in becoming a nurse? This is the most education-intensive career of the the three we mentioned here. Check your local university for a nursing program near you.


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BLS.gov – The bureau of labor statistics. This is where we got all those ‘rising demand’ statistics from.